Trusted Modern Family Dentistry in Gainesville

happy african american family outdoorsOptimal oral health can benefit your life and those you care about in many ways. You deserve to work with a trusted dental team who can deliver skilled and qualified dentistry to every family member in a comfortable environment. At Huthwaite & Huthwaite D.M.D., P.C., you will find that here!

Dr. Lance Huthwaite and Dr. Amy Huthwaite-Dupree provide comprehensive family dentistry that combines reliable treatments, advanced technology, and a passion for helping others. Our team offers a wide range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. This allows us to treat all ages, from children as young as three to those well into their golden years.

Emphasizing prevention is at the forefront of our care. We dedicate our time to helping you achieve and maintain good oral health at every stage of life. Our team enjoys serving individuals and families across Gainesville and the surrounding areas of Buford, Winder, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, and Oakwood. Our dentists also offer emergency dentistry appointments when needed. Contact Huthwaite & Huthwaite D.M.D., P.C., to schedule your next visit today!


Exceptional Family Dentistry Services for Every Smile

happy family playing at the parkOur team believes that successful dental care should resolve dental health concerns, protect natural teeth, and benefit your overall well-being. Our family dentists take time to diagnose issues with accuracy. We understand how dental problems can impact each stage of life and we have the modern treatments and techniques to treat them.

We provide many dental care solutions that can be easily tailored to your children, spouse, parents, and grandparents. Our Gainesville family dental services include, but are not limited to:

CEREC® Technology to Improve Your Care

With each visit, you will quickly discover how our use of advanced dental technology can make our family dentistry services more precise, comfortable, and convenient. Our dentists can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of many treatments with our in-office CEREC machine.

With this technology, we can produce same-day crowns and other dental restorations in a single office visit. This is especially beneficial when providing emergency dental care. Our CEREC machine can also create same-day porcelain veneers in some cases. This allows our dentists to address multiple aesthetic concerns in a matter of hours, providing beautiful results that do not compromise quality.

Dentistry Made for Children

portrait of parents and daughter smilingOur team understands that introducing younger children to the dental office can sometimes be a challenge. If this is a concern of yours as a parent or guardian, we here to help! Our dentists work closely with you and at your child's own pace to ensure they feel safe and comfortable at our office and with our team.

We use visits as opportunities to educate kids about the importance of regular dental hygiene, and that there is nothing to fear. Our team serves children with respect and compassion, using friendly and easy-to-understand language. This makes routine prevention more encouraging and promotes a positive outlook.

Available dental services for children include:

  • Dental cleanings and exams to keep developing smiles healthy
  • Education and prevention for proper dental care at home
  • Sealant and fluoride treatments to protect against cavities
  • Dental fillings made safe for children
  • Dental crowns designed for kids
  • Frenectomies to gently remove disruptive connective tissues

Continued Support Through the Teen Years

top view of young friends laying down on grass laughingWe continue to monitor your child's smile as they approach their teens. Our dentists provide support and guidance to teenagers as new and unique oral health challenges come their way. They continue to offer education relevant to their needs and advice on how to care for their teeth and gums at home.

Our family dental team caters to adolescent smiles through regular prevention, cleanings, and exams. We also provide custom treatments such as sports mouthguards and bruxism appliances.

Dynamic Dental Care for Adults & Seniors

Adults and seniors have some of the most diverse oral health needs, making regular dental care essential. Over time, it is not uncommon for teeth to become a little dull or worn. Other concerns, such as tooth decay and gum disease, are more likely to occur. Issues may include stress and genetics, poor diet and oral hygiene, hormone changes, and medication side effects.

Our team understands these challenges and is well-versed in treating specific issues commonly impacting adult and senior smiles. We offer many ways to help you keep your natural teeth and maintain optimal dental health and beauty. These services often include:

Dental restorations: Our dentists offer quality fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures made from safe and natural-looking materials. Many treatments are produced with our in-office CEREC milling machine!

Dental implants: We can replace one or all missing teeth with dental implants. Our dentists can perform surgical placement and complete your treatment with the right restoration for your needs.

Dental appliances: We provide protective sports mouthguards for active teens and adults. Our team also offers custom bite splints for T.M.J. disorders and devices for bruxism and sleep apnea.

Gum disease treatment: Our family dentists treat mild to moderate forms of gum disease. We perform scaling and root planning to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and infected tissue from the gums. We also provide maintenance cleanings and exams.

Root canal therapy: Our goal is to save natural teeth whenever possible. We remove diseased tissue and infection from inside the tooth with root canal therapy. Once complete, we can design a CEREC crown protect the tooth.

Extractions: Sometimes, teeth are too damaged, decayed, or infected to be saved with a root canal. Our dentists perform gentle extractions when necessary to preserve your long-term oral health.

Your Family is in Good Hands!

Dr. Lance Huthwaite and Dr. Amy Huthwaite-Dupree are here to protect the oral health of every member of your family. By choosing our skilled team for family dentistry you can experience trusted and state-of-the-art dental care.

We love helping individuals and families in Gainesville, Buford, Winder, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, and Oakwood. Contact Huthwaite & Huthwaite D.M.D., P.C., today!