Perfecting Your Smile with Our Cosmetic Dentists in Gainesville

young woman smiling outdoorsThe advantages that beautiful and healthy teeth can provide cannot be understated. Our dentists want you to experience every single one and can see that you do through cosmetic dentistry! We design treatment using modern technology, trusted techniques, and a comprehensive approach. When receiving care, you can rely on us to enhance your smile while also protecting it at the same time.

Our Gainesville cosmetic dentists truly enjoy improving smiles and lives with tried-and-true solutions at our accommodating practice. We proudly serve individuals looking to achieve a lifetime of optimal dental health and appeal throughout Gainesville, Buford, Winder, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, and Oakwood. Contact Huthwaite & Huthwaite D.M.D., P.C. to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation today!


Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Services

Whether you need to address one aesthetic concern or many, our wide range of services makes achieving your goals that much easier! We have many treatments to choose from, and our Gainesville cosmetic dentists are here to help you discover the best solution for your needs.

Dr. Huthwaite and Dr. Amy make recommendations based on the data they’ve gained from your consultation, exam, medical and dental history, and more. From there, we collaborate closely with you, creating a treatment plan that is all your own. Our team also makes a conscious effort to stay updated on the most advanced techniques and technology available.

Our cosmetic services include:

Our team provides various materials to accommodate your needs better. We use dental composite and porcelain renowned for their aesthetic appeal and ability to imitate natural enamel. Our team also understands that these materials are not for everyone. This is why we also offer services using amalgam when necessary.

Professional Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom!

mature man checking out his new smile in dental officeTeeth are strong, but they’re porous. With many years of exposure to dark foods and drinks, enamel staining is often inevitable. Fortunately, our cosmetic dentists can easily resolve this common aesthetic concern with professional teeth whitening! We use the power of Philips Zoom to penetrate past the enamel and eliminate the dark pigments that lead to discoloration.

Our team only offers teeth whitening solutions created and administered by experts in the industry. This means your treatment includes professional-grade formulas designed to lift stains and reveal the whiter shade underneath, doing so as safely and comfortably as possible. To ensure stunning results, we perform your teeth whitening exclusively in our office.

What to Expect from In-Office Whitening

In-office or chairside teeth whitening is ideal when you wish to eliminate surface stains quickly. Our Gainesville cosmetic dentists perform this service as you relax comfortably in the dental chair. One of our trusted team members begins by placing a mouthpiece to protect your lips and gums. We then apply the whitening gel to your smile evenly.

Our team uses a curing light to activate the solution and lift discoloration from your enamel safely. We continue to monitor your progress, removing and re-applying the gel in three 15-minute increments. Depending on your case, you may enjoy a stunningly whiter smile in as little as 45 minutes. We may also provide you with take-home treatments that include custom trays for at-home touch-up use.

Veneers for Transformative Results

If your smile is healthy but still has several aesthetic concerns, veneers may be the right treatment for you! Made from thin yet durable dental porcelain or composite materials, veneers are an excellent solution for addressing multiple issues at once.

woman matching teeth color for veneer treatmentThey include:

  • Deep discoloration
  • Dental gaps
  • Small chips & cracks
  • Mild misalignment
  • Weak, worn, or misshapen teeth

Traditionally, our dentists place them over the surfaces of the six most visible teeth. We offer comprehensive placement depending on your needs, whether you require treatment for one tooth or your entire smile. We work closely with you to design your veneers to your unique situation and preferences.

Porcelain material veneers are crafted by a trusted local lab and require minor reshaping of your enamel. Composite material options require little to no preparation.

ClearCorrect Aligners

ClearCorrect can be an ideal solution for aligning your smile without the use of metal brackets and wires. This orthodontic system uses clear plastic trays in innovative designs to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably. Each aligner is customized to fit your exact smile using digital scanning technology instead of messy impressions. Your trays are also removable to make for easy eating, hygiene, and care.

Our cosmetic dentists in Gainesville often recommend ClearCorrect for teens and adults with minor bite issues. Treatment requires that you wear the trays for 22 hours daily to ensure successful results.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns & Treatment

close up of man with healthy smileWhen concerns such as tooth decay or damage jeopardize your smile’s beauty and health, you deserve quick resolution. Our team can make this happen by providing same-day dental crowns using state-of-the-art CEREC technology. Our in-office milling machine fabricates your restoration using a single block of beautiful porcelain and can do so in a matter of hours.

Crowns work by covering the entire structure of a damaged or decayed tooth, protecting it from further harm. With CEREC, our dentists can provide you with a fully functional and customized restoration within a single office visit. We can also design veneers using this technology, depending on your needs.

Composite Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a versatile and cost-effective treatment for correcting minor aesthetic concerns. Similar to fillings, we use tooth-colored composite, which we apply directly onto enamel for various situations.

Our Gainesville cosmetic dentists can restore teeth with dental bonding after small amounts of damage like wear, cracks, and chips. We can also reshape misshapen teeth and address severe discoloration.

Experience Exceptional Gainesville Cosmetic Dentistry!

You deserve to enjoy a stunning and healthy smile for life. Our team is committed to helping make this happen with cosmetic dentistry. We love enhancing teeth and safeguarding the dental health of individuals looking for cosmetic services in Gainesville, and the surrounding Buford, Winder, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, and Oakwood communities. Contact Huthwaite & Huthwaite D.M.D., P.C. to get started today!


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