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If you are curious about dental bonding, we can explain what it is and what it can do for you. They have the advantages of matching the color of your teeth and of fixing relatively minor issues.

Dental bonding is usually made of composite resin, which is often used for similar dental procedures like fillings or crowns. Composite resin is used so much because it can match a tooth’s natural color. It can come in different shades to ensure a better match for your own teeth.

Bondings are placed over the surface of a tooth, which makes them useful for fixing relatively minor damages to your teeth. These damages include discolorations, chippings, fractures, and some decay.

Bondings can also be used to give your teeth a different size or shape, should it be necessary. For example, if you have unusually large gaps between your teeth, or one of them is just smaller than the others, some bonding can fill those spaces out.

If the damage is more extensive, or certain fixes require more extensive work, other types of cosmetic dentistry may be required. If you have issues more along the lines we just described, bondings can put a fix to them.

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