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If you want to know why a mouthguard is recommended when you participate in high-contact activities or when you sleep (if you tend to grind your teeth), then you have come to the right blog. Our dentists, Drs. Huthwaite and Huthwaite, will be happy to tell you all about the benefits of mouthguards so you can know exactly why they are recommended. The benefits include:

-Mouthguards can protect your teeth and jaw when you play high-contact sports. This is because the appliance covers the arch of your teeth and protects it when a hard, forceful object hits your mouth, like a ball, elbow, or knee. The guard helps you reduce your chances of oral injury while you’re active. If you don’t wear a mouthguard, you could suffer a knocked-out tooth, damaged oral tissues, and more.

-Mouthguards can protect your smile if you are a victim of bruxism (teeth grinding). When you grind your teeth, the mouthguard covers the teeth and limits the contact the teeth have with each other. This reduces the wear and tear the bruxism causes. It can even prevent tooth fractures.

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