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Cosmetic dentistry is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to improve their appearance. There are lots of options to improving a person’s smile that cosmetic dentistry offers. If you’re looking to reshape your gum line to fill in spaces, have a teeth whitening treatment, or looking to replace missing teeth, the options cosmetic dentistry offer are endless.

However, you may not think cosmetic dentistry is for you, or perhaps wonder if the time is right for you to seek it out. If that’s the case, let’s go over some of the benefits cosmetic dentistry can offer you.

If you’re missing a tooth, don’t feel bad. Many adults over 30 in America have a missing tooth. This is why dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as a way to replace missing teeth. The reasons for their popularity is because they look, feel, and act just like your regular teeth. Dentures lack this functionality, are less comfortable than implants, and also have a shorter life span.

If you’ve incurred a cavity in the past ten years that has become discolored or gray due to having had a filling put it, you may want to remedy this issue. Dental technology has thankfully advanced since the days of ugly gray fillings. You can restore your tooth to the color of your regular teeth by having a colored filling put in it.

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