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Great smiles are built from the ground up. This means that every aspect of your life can potentially influence the health of your teeth and gums. Your diet, your cleaning habits, and your lifestyle choices all drastically affect the status of your health. In addition, your smile often depends upon making the necessary choices to lower and prevent risks associated with oral accidents and injuries.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to severe oral health ailments. To keep your smile safe from the risk of oral accidents or injuries, it is always important to avoid dental damage whenever it can potentially arise. This includes fixing and correcting any unhealthy lifestyle habits you may have and removing any of these risk factors from your life. If you smoke and chew tobacco, or use drugs, it can severely impair your oral health. Thus, they should be removed from your day-to-day activities. In addition, avoid mouth jewelry as it can easily impair your smile by causing infections, chipped and cracked teeth, oral inflammation, and nerve damage.

Another common risk factor for your smile exists due to contact sports. Contact sports can easily destroy your smile in seconds by way of blunt trauma. Protecting your teeth is important to make sure you’re always wearing the necessary safety equipment including any helmets, face mask, and mouth guards that are available. The more you do to protect your smile, the lower the risk of an oral accident or injury will be. Keep your smile safe from the risks of dental damage.

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