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Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a habit that many people don’t know they have. This is because the teeth grinding generally occurs at night. Many find out that they have teeth-grinding problems because they wake up with a dull headache or a sore jaw. Their spouses or partners also tell them about the habit after the grinding has woken them up. If you are one who participates in this habit, please do everything you can to receive treatment quickly. If you don’t, you could also experience worn-out teeth, fractured teeth, and severe toothaches.

To help you know more about this dangerous and harmful dental issue/habit that could alter your oral health, our Huthwaite & Huthwaite, D.M.D., PC dental team is happy to tell you all about the causes and treatments of teeth grinding in Gainesville, Georgia, which are:


The causes behind teeth-grinding habits can vary for adults and children. For adults, causes generally include stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, misaligned teeth, and missing teeth. For children, causes generally include irritations in the mouth, allergies, and misaligned teeth. However, children’s teeth and jaws tend to move and shift quickly, which is beneficial because once they hit their teen years, they usually quit the habit.


There are many treatments available for teeth-grinding habits. The main treatment is generally the use of a night guard. If you wear a night guard while you sleep, your teeth will be protected. Another treatment is relaxation medication. This medication helps you relax so you no longer clench and grind your teeth. If a sleep disorder is causing the habit, there are also treatments available for that specific issue.

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