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If you are going to eat a lot of treats this Halloween, be sure to exercise caution. Many people think about their waistline, but not nearly enough give the same amount of attention to their jawline. Your teeth can’t be bent back into shape if they fall into disuse or disrepair, so please take care of the ones you have. Here are a few tips on five treats to avoid this Halloween:

– Sticky Candy: Exercise care when consuming sticky candies such as taffy, caramels, or gummies, as they can easily stick to your teeth and gums. They can also be difficult to remove, which can rapidly increase tooth decay.
– Sour Candy: Due to their high acidic content, sour candies are some of the most dangerous treats to your precious teeth. Due to its acidic nature (nearly the same as battery acid), there is a high risk of cavities and enamel loss.
– Popcorn Balls: Popcorn balls can be dangerous if they are too hard, so be careful when biting into them. It is also recommended to floss regularly after consumption, as bits of popcorn can easily be lodged between the teeth.
– Hard Candy: Hard candy should be avoided. They can break or chip teeth, and residue often ends up stuck to your teeth longer, which can rapidly increase tooth decay.

The longer candy is in contact with your teeth, the longer tooth decay can occur. Try to limit between-meal snacks, and always remember to brush and floss.

Here at Huthwaite & Huthwaite, D.M.D., PC, we would like to wish you a safe and happy Halloween!
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