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When it comes time to enhance your oral health, make sure you’re eating healthy foods. This includes avoiding eating food between meals and during periods of heavy snacking. If you constantly find yourself chowing down on unhealthy sweets and treats, you’ll be at an increased risk for tooth decay, plaque buildup, dental erosion, and several of the oral health risks. Instead, eat enamel-building minerals that have been shown to help protect your teeth.

Some of the most abundant minerals for strengthening tooth enamel includes calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are located in food such as nuts, milk, cheeses and meats. It is essential to eat foods high in calcium and phosphorus as these substances can remineralize your teeth and strengthen them with an added layer of protection.

A key principle pertaining to eating foods includes always eliminating snacking from your life. If you continually snack between meals, you will be putting your teeth at an increased risk for several forms of dental damage. This is because the more you snack, the greater the chance that food debris and bacteria can linger on your teeth and gums and cause damage.

Another essential ingredient in battling an unhealthy diet includes constantly having enough saliva in your mouth. To help produce additional saliva, chew sugarless gum after meals or eat crunchy foods that have a high water content. By producing saliva in your mouth, you can help rinse away debris and neutralize harmful acids. Saliva has even been shown to help provide disease-fighting substances for your mouth that can help aid in the prevention of oral health disorders such as dental erosion and cavities.

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