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Yes, chewing gum can definitely save your smile—but only if you chew the right kind of gum. There are both healthy and unhealthy types of gum in the world today, and our Huthwaite & Huthwaite, D.M.D., PC team is happy to help you choose the product that will benefit your smile the most! If you want to improve your oral health, we recommend chewing gum that:

Is sugar free
Sugar-free gum tends to increase your saliva production and neutralize the acids in your mouth. This is beneficial because it helps wash away the food particles, plaque, and bacteria that threaten your smile. So, do your best to chew sugar-free gum after each meal and snack.

Has xylitol
Xylitol is a helpful substance that can prevent tooth decay. It has the ability to inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans, which is a cavity-causing bacteria, and it can also keep bacteria from adhering to your smile.

Has been approved by the ADA
If the gum has the American Dental Association’s seal of approval, that means that it has passed tests that have evaluated for safety and effectiveness. This means that you have the best product available on the store shelf.

Call 770-536-8868 today if you would like to know more about the best chewing gum in Gainesville, Georgia! Dr. Lance W. Huthwaite and our dental team will be happy to talk with you and help you pick the best product possible for your smile. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist if you have any concerns. Our team is here to help you in any possible way!