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Baby teeth are very important, whether you believe it or not. However, sometimes they can create some confusion. So, to help you know more about baby teeth, our Huthwaite & Huthwaite, D.M.D., PC team is happy to provide the answers to the following questions:

When do baby teeth come in?
Baby teeth generally grow into place when the baby is between 6 months and 1 year old. They should have an entire smile full of baby teeth by the time they are 3 years old. Teething might be a little tough for your baby, so do your best to comfort them by gently rubbing their gums and giving them soft chewing toys.

Why do baby teeth matter?
Baby teeth are very important because they not only allow your baby to chew and talk, but they also guide the permanent teeth into place. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, the permanent tooth will not know where to go and it will likely harm the smile as it tries to figure it out.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?
The American Dental Association recommends that your child should first visit the dentist 6 months after their first tooth has erupted and no later than their first birthday. This appointment will be very beneficial. The dentist will check for tooth decay and other dental problems and will also teach you all about oral hygiene for children.

If you would like to know more about baby teeth or if you have any questions, please call 770-536-8868 and talk to our caring dental team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lance W. Huthwaite if you have any concerns. We are happy to help you!