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If you have a tendency to skip proper brushing and flossing after consuming food (especially of the sugar variety), there’s a good chance you have a cavity or two. Cavities develop when plaque wears through the enamel on your teeth, leaving your chompers exposed to bacteria. You can’t always tell if you have a cavity, but there are a few telltale symptoms.

The easiest way to know you have a cavity is the visibility of holes in your teeth. These holes are where the plaque on your teeth has completely worn away the enamel. Black, brown or white staining on the surface of your teeth is another indication of the presence of a cavity.

However, holes aren’t always visible, especially in the early stages of tooth decay. The most common symptom of a cavity is pain. There are different kinds of pain associated with cavities. Some people experience a mild toothache or tooth sensitivity. Others feel mild to severe pain when eating particularly hot or cold food. The truly unlucky suffer sharp, shooting pain whenever they bite down. If you fall into any of the above categories, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lance W. Huthwaite.

If you schedule a dental appointment with Huthwaite & Huthwaite, D.M.D., PC, we will assess your oral health and tell you whether or not you have a cavity. Instead of ignoring symptoms, call Dr. Lance W. Huthwaite at 770-536-8868 and have your cavity taken care of. We are located in Gainesville, Georgia.